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Irish Healthcare. Part 2.

  This was / is a bigger nut to chew & digest than i originally expected, Having said that it is an issue which will have a direct impact on all of us at some point in our lives and … Continue reading

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Luxembourg,The Grand Duchy of.

This tiny country of just under 600,00 souls is bordered on North & West by Belgium, Germany on the East and France to the South. It was a founding member of the now EU and among OECD countries it has … Continue reading

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Press Comments on LuxLeaks

While PwC and prosecutors argue that the so-called LuxLeaks documents were private property and revealing them was a criminal offense, the trial is seen by critics as an attack on press freedom and efforts by whistle-blowers to shine a light … Continue reading

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Down to a Two Horse Race

Even tough the Nomination Conventions do not happen until 3rd week July, the race is pretty much over, Trump will represent Republics (commonly know as GOP, Grand Old Party) and Clinton will be the Democratic runner in the November Presidential … Continue reading

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It’s a sad day, Tuesday 26.04.2016, three people are going on trial today for doing something which the large majority of us would consider “acting in the Public Interest”. In late 2014 they leaked thousands of documents showing how the” … Continue reading

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BHS Story rumbles on.

Todays press 26.04.2016 is full of stories of the shenanigans of the previous owners of British Home Stores.   We commented yesterday on some of the activities of the “party animals” Philip and Tina Green and their lavish lifestyle supported by … Continue reading

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BHS (founded1928) in Receivership

British Home Stores went into Receivership barely 12 months after being bought from Phillip Green for One Pound Stg ! In theory Green lost his shirt but its not that straightforward; is anything when it comes to the wheeling and … Continue reading

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