Democratic Superdelegates

Out of a total Dem delegate count of 4,365, 15%, 712 votes come from Superdelagates. Some of them had indicated or committed to supporting Clinton or Sanders, but as you would expect from an almost exclusively elderly white male group of Establishment folks they are throwing their support behind the Establishment candidate, Clinton. She has received 469, Sanders 31 ! which gives a total of 1,756 to 1,068. First to 2,383 wins nomination.

If you want to see a breakdown state by state of pledged delegates and Supers, click on

The Nomination Convention in Philly 3rd week July all votes have to be cast. The Supers are free to vote as they individually wish, some who have already declared for one candidate or another may change at the Convention. Below is a breakdown of where these Supers come from.

20 Distinguished Party Leader.

21 Dem Governors

46 Senators

193 Congress members

434 Democratic National Committee members.

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