Clinton and Trump on their way after New York

Trump is steadily gathering enough Pledged Delegates to such an extent that his nomination at the convention in July will be a formality much to the distress of many Republicans.  While he will inevitably gain many votes from particular sections of the American community it is almost unimaginable that he could win the Presidential election in November against the Democrat candidate who will probably  be Hillary Clinton.

Hilary is slowly but surely increasing her lead over Bernie Sanders, small though that lead is in numbers of pledged delegates, when Super delegates have already committed to supporting her are added into the equation her lead appears insurmountable.   The Bernie Sanders campaign has gathered momentum over the  last few months  and may well continue to do so right up until the big primary in California on June 7.  He will then be left with the difficult decision,  will he run as an independent presidential election orally through his support behind the Democratic nomination.  How great is the risk that he would split the Democratic vote to such an extent that the Republican candidate Trump? could in fact become the next USA president?

What are super delegates? – video explainer

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