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Irish Healthcare Conclusion.

We have a “consultant led/controlled” service as opposed to a “consultant delivered” service. This combined with a public/private healthcare service in which the government has provided and continues to provide huge direct and indirect financial support to the private sector. … Continue reading

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Update and comments May 9th.

  The Republican Convention is in Cleveland, Ohio July 18th-21st. The total number of delegates available is 2,472; first to achieve 1,237 will be the party’s Presidential Candidate in the November elections. Trump is sure to achieve this number before … Continue reading

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Human rights versus Property rights !

Interesting ruling by Italian Supreme Court. A Legal Institution supporting something which may not be legal but is fair. Impoverished Italians who end up stealing small amounts of food because they’re hungry are not committing a crime, the country’s highest … Continue reading

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This is the type of results which Tax Havens make possible. These are some of the largest corporations in the world. Figures are 2009/2010 & are from Forbes/ New York Times. Exxon Mobile: profit $37 Billion. USA tax paid Zero. … Continue reading

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Penultimate Posting on Irish Healthcare.

As we saw recently by 2008 some 52% of the population had invested in private healthcare insurance systems.  We know that since the recession this figure has dropped for economic reasons down to about 44%.  For so many people to … Continue reading

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