Update and comments May 9th.


The Republican Convention is in Cleveland, Ohio July 18th-21st. The total number of delegates available is 2,472; first to achieve 1,237 will be the party’s Presidential Candidate in the November elections. Trump is sure to achieve this number before the convention and there seems no alternative to him being the Republican’s candidate in November. Many high positioned officials of the party would have preferred a less volatile and perhaps more malleable candidate.

Name.        National Polls %     Delegates   %

Trump                47%                  1,068     43%

Cruz                    27%                    564      23%

Kaisch                  6%                      153      6%

Trump’s Lead   +20%                             +20%

The Democratic Convention is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 25th-28th. Total number of delegates 4,763, and first to 2,382 wins the nomination. While it is obvious that Hillary Clinton will win, it is interesting that her lead in National Polls shows a much smaller lead over Sanders.

Name.        National Polls %     Delegates   %

Clinton               50%                     2,228     47%

Sanders              45%                     1,454    31%

Clinton’s Lead   +5%                             +16%

While Clinton will win the nomination there are some who feel Sanders would be a better candidate against Trump, but at the end of the day Corporate Financing will continue to support Clinton. The race for the nomination for all candidates in both parties to date has raised $1,160 Million, and this is just to win the nomination. Between end July until the November Elections there will be a further burst of fund raising. Little wonder it is said that “USA has the best democracy that money cab buy”!

Some of the major issues which came up during the nomination campaign have been polled nationally and show a distinct difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.

Immigration.                                        Democratic                      Republican

Provide a Path to Citizenship                       75%                               44%

Deport Undocumented                                  12%                             37%

Gun Control.                                                    

Tighten Laws                                                     76%                            23%

Oppose Restrictions                                        22%                            60%


Universal Healthcare                                       44%                              9%

Keep “Obamacare”                                          28%                             5%

No “Obamacare”/ Universal ‘care                11%                             60%


Support                                                              51%                       16%

Oppose                                                               33%                        43%

Death Penalty.

Support                                                             39%                         71%

Oppose                                                             51%                         20%

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