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Shenanigans at two different Banks

Jose Manuel Barroso, former Portuguese PM, but most of us would have known him as the top dog / EU Commission President from 2004 to 2014. In this period he oversaw and orchestrated the greatest bailout of the banking industry … Continue reading

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Dublin Bus.

I am not well enough informed to know whether their pay claim is reasonable or not. But looking at the bigger picture we have to realise that Dublin Bus is a Public Service, the same as is provided in all … Continue reading

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Who gets what in Ireland? A quick over view.

Ireland has some of the highest professional fees in EU; and very highly paid┬ápoliticians, senior┬ápublic servants and medical consultants, not to mention bankers, some of whom helped get us into the financial crisis, eg. Richie Boucher (843,000). Some other positions … Continue reading

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The high cost of cheap products for the 1st world

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