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A Picture/Graph can say a lot


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A fiddle’s a fiddle, UK or Ireland

A recent look at UK welfare fraud surprised lots of folks; in fact a survey last year in UK showed that folks thought over 20% of the welfare budget was claimed fraudulently. The Government’s own monitoring over the years puts … Continue reading

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A Winter (& beyond) of discontent in Ireland?

In a developed country the majority of the citizens look to and expect the Gov’t to provide a range of basic services, such as Education, primary, secondary & tertiary, Policing & Prisons, Clean Water & Clean Air, a Road Network, … Continue reading

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Harvard in the news again !

Harvard is reckoned to have the largest bursary/endowment of any university. 2015 valuation was $35.7 Billion, yes Billion and its in the news because over the last 5 years its 11 “money managers” collected $242 Million, mostly bonuses related to performance. … Continue reading

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Quick comment on a widely used USA tax break

Trump was widely criticised recently for not having paid taxes for a number of years. Lots of well off Americans quite legally avoid paying large amounts of taxes. Here’s an example of how you can appear to be generous and … Continue reading

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