Objection to Obamacare. Why?

Is it an ideological issue, the withdrawal of the extension of healthcare cover to millions more Americans, or is it something much less complicated?

Follow the money usually gives a fair guide as to folks motivation. Obamacare is/was funded by an increase of 0.9% on the Medicare tax on earned incomes of $200,000 pa (250k for couples) and a 3.8% on net unearned income from investments etc. But again only on the amounts over $200,000.

if Obamacare is abolished as Trump & Reps say it should be there will be some hefty tax savings for those folks who are struggling to make it through the week on a mere $3,846.00

Every decision has winners and losers.

Every decision has winners and losers.


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More than a little interested in how we can all make the community we live in a better place. "The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed" Gandhi. Let's all learn what's enough.
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