Israel and Palestine.

The one word and one image which comes to mind every time I read of spates between these two peoples are “proportionality” and “David and Goliath”.
“Echoing his friend Donald Trump, Mr Netanyahu has told reporters that Israel can choose its leadership only at the ballot box and not through legal investigations, which are a “witch-hunt”.
Like the US president, the message from Mr Netanyahu is that democratic norms, those unwritten rules of toleration and restraint, are for the weak, not for the strong.
Yet without robust norms, constitutional checks and balances are less mainstays of democracy than a mirage.”

The Guardian view on Israel’s democracy: killing with impunity, lying without consequence? | Editorial

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More than a little interested in how we can all make the community we live in a better place. "The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed" Gandhi. Let's all learn what's enough.
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