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Good News bits. One Irish, the other Worldwide

One person´s solution to Irelands housing, lack of housing, crisis. A former soldier in Ireland has given his three-bedroom home to a young family who were on the waiting list for a new home for seven years. Paddy Phelan gave … Continue reading

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Has poverty Really been reduced So much ?

As nations attempted to recover from two devastating world wars within 40 years the good and the great of the victorious countries applied their minds to the myriad problems facing them. The European continent was on its knees, physically, economically … Continue reading

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A “Little talked about” Tax

Since less than 1% of estates in USA and less than 5% in UK pay any inheritance taxes one would expect that well over 90% of the general population would support having such a tax. Strangely this does not seem … Continue reading

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Israel and Palestine.

The one word and one image which comes to mind every time I read of spates between these two peoples are “proportionality” and “David and Goliath”. “Echoing his friend Donald Trump, Mr Netanyahu has told reporters that Israel can choose … Continue reading

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Harvard University.

A little item I picked up regarding Harvard. We are talking about the richest University in the world, value of its investment bursary for financial year end 2017 was a whopping $37 Billion. These funds are managed through a Harvard … Continue reading

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Odd bits from Wednesday’s Press

Trump, meanwhile, faces bipartisan opposition to his budget plans to take from the poor and give to the wall. The president wants to reduce spending by $3.6tn – slashing everything from Medicaid to Meals on Wheels – while putting an … Continue reading

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Brexit and Gibraltar !

As we all know well over 90% of Gibraltarians voted to Remain within the EU. Having your cake and eating it comes to mind since well over 90% voted in a referendum to Remain in UK ! Lets be clear … Continue reading

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