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USA and China

USA and China. How do they compare economically? Firstly let’s take a quick glance at the background of the two countries. Most of us have a reasonably informed knowledge of the last 150 years of USA history from the conclusion … Continue reading

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Has poverty Really been reduced So much ?

As nations attempted to recover from two devastating world wars within 40 years the good and the great of the victorious countries applied their minds to the myriad problems facing them. The European continent was on its knees, physically, economically … Continue reading

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Harvard University.

A little item I picked up regarding Harvard. We are talking about the richest University in the world, value of its investment bursary for financial year end 2017 was a whopping $37 Billion. These funds are managed through a Harvard … Continue reading

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USA Steel Tariffs & China

Trump complains about the imbalance of trade with China, and so he should. USA export $130 Bil to China (lots of it raw materials to be converted into finished goods for export back to USA!!) China exports $506 Bil to … Continue reading

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